GearDiary: Spreever Browser Application Gives You Cash Back on Games & Gadgets


GearDiary, a blog about everything from saving money online to travel supplies, featured Spreever as the browser plug-in to download to help you save this holiday shopping season. This is what they had to say:

What with the holiday shopping season coming at us — Don’t deny it; you know it’s coming! — finding ways to save money is a pretty important thing.  And if you can do this through something simple, like, say, a plug-in through your toolbar, than that’s a really good thing, right?  Spreever thinks they have just that sort of solution for you:

Spreever today announced the launch of Spreever, a free browser plug-in that gives shoppers cash back on purchases at over 18,800 retailers in the online marketplace and automatically notifies them on best deals and coupons without interrupting the shopping experience. To begin using, visit from your Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser.

Spreever leverages partnerships with the most powerful affiliate marketing programs as well as established direct relationships with retailers in order to offer shoppers cash back on their purchases. With deals for 95% of all online shopping destinations, Spreever allows users to earn 1% to 30% cash back rewards for shopping at their favorite online stores, without doing anything differently. Additionally, Spreever has a built in coupon aggregator that automatically brings all of the best coupons to the shopper. As the only bar available that crawls the web to search for all active coupons, Spreever not only awards shoppers with cash back, the plug-in also helps save money right from the start.

Online shoppers can benefit from Spreever’s automatic cash back capabilities by simply shopping as usual. The plug-in does not require shoppers to go out of their way with extra clicks to purchase or to collect cash rewards. The plug-in allows them to collect their cash once they have accumulated $5 in cash back offers via PayPal or once a quarter via check. With a simple one-time e-mail sign in, shoppers can take advantage of deals on goods they planned to buy without being redirected away from the current website. Additionally, MonaBar’s referral policy enables shoppers to get an additional 10% cash back when someone they’ve referred to MonaBar signs up and makes a purchase on a participating retail site. In celebration of the launch, new users will automatically receive $1 welcome bonus just for signing up.

Visit to begin collecting cash back while you shop today.

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